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We supply high capacity and low capacity dicers, slicers, shredders, cutters and choppers for fruit, vegetable, meat, nuts, cheese, salad, bread, nutraceuticals and other processing industries. We are continuously seeking used dicers for our inventory so that we can supply our customers with various options. Some of these options include dicers that can produce cube dices, strip cuts, flat dices, crinkled cuts, shredded, 3-dimensional cuts and more.

We offer dicers from various manufacturers including Urschel, Dixie, FPEC, Grote, Carruthers, Koch, Holac, Foodlogistik, Incalfer, Reiser, FAM and more. We specialize in used Urschel dicers including all models to various processors. These Urschel models include Comitrol 1700, Comitrol 2100, Comitrol 3600, G-A, GKA, GRL, H-A, J, J9A, L-A, M3, CC, OV, 30C, CD-A, RA, RAD, Translicer 2000, Translicer 2500, Diversacut, Affinity and more. These dicers can be used on various fruits & vegetables, such as beans, berries, bananas, bell peppers, cabbage, celery, lettuce, onions, peaches, pickles, potatoes and more. We can supply used dicers to be used on various meats & poultry, nuts, cheeses, breads, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals and other processing industries. We have sold thousands dicers all over the world, from pilot size to large scale processing.

We are very interested in learning about your dicer needs or the availability of any surplus dicers. Please click on the link below to tell us more about your surplus dicers or other machinery or fill out the form in order to tell us about your equipment needs. If you would like to discuss the equipment, contact us and ask to speak with one of our experienced sales representatives.

We are one of the largest dealers of used dicers in the country.

We specialize in:
- Used Dicers
- Used Slicers
- Used Cutters



Urschel G-A dicer


Urschel RA-A dicer


Urschel Translicer


Ellert slicer